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Sustainable Coils
Built to Last!

Sustainable Coils 

Built To Last!

Our replacement coils are designed for the repair of existing HVAC systems that require a new indoor coil when the original coil has failed and is no longer in warranty.  Our goal is to insure that our replacement evaporator coils give licensed contractors a quality, cost effective replacement option to offer the homeowner when replacing the indoor coil is the right choice.

Our stock replacement A-coils offer the following features:

                                                            •Low profile 3 row A-coils sized to "fit the hole" of past SEER applications

          UNIGUARD® by Luvata  copper alloy tubing to protect against formicary corrosion

          •Durable Plastic Drain Pans to fit popular furnace widths

          •Aluminum end plates to eliminate rust formation

          •Enhanced fins spaced at 14 FPI for proper air flow in replacement applications

          •Piston metered for R-22 refrigerant, R-410A piston available upon request

          •Pre-swaged line connections, shipped with a dry nitrogen holding charge

          •Five year replacement warranty

We also stock the following coils for expedited delivery:
•Cased Slab Horizontal Coils
          •Mobile Home Coils
          •Drop in replacement coils for Trane / American Standard TWE air handlers
          •Drop-in replacement coils for Carrier / ICP F-series air handlers


Plus we offer exceptional turnaround on custom heat pump and cooling only coils to match your outdoor unit and indoor application.  With the tough economic climate homeowners are facing today and the high cost of HVAC equipment, repairing with an affordable quality replacement coil instead of replacing a complete system that is still functioning properly has become a very viable option.

Our mission is to offer a  Sustainable solution that will enhance and extend the useful life of an existing HVAC system.   A  Sustainable Coil that is built to last until the entire system should be replaced.

    Please contact us for a Wholesale Distributor near you

and discover the Sustainable Coils difference. 

Telephone: (903) 881-6006

Fax: (903) 881-6008
E-mail:  sales@SustainableCoils.com

Sustainable Coils 

Built To Last!

Proudly manufactured in the USA
In Lindale, Texas

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