Nordyne Air Handler

EPA-EXA  ICP & Nordyne Replacement Coils

  • The line set connections for our EPA-EXA replacement coils are properly positioned to match published specifications. The drain pan is properly sized for each application and the drain connections are positioned to fit the access panel
  • In order to complement our manufacturing and eliminate costly set ups, certain models have been redesigned from 2 row coils to 3 rows, and 3 row coils to 4 rows. We have maintained the proper internal refrigerant volumes for each model to insure compatibility for heat pump applications. The new designs will be shorter, but all other dimensions are maintained for ease of installation. Redesigned models are noted with an asterisk in front of the model number.
  • All EPA-EXA replacement coils utilize UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, 422 copper alloy tubing for proven protection against formicary corrosion, the leading cause of coil leaks in copper tube applications. As an added feature, we also utilize aluminum end brackets for rust reduction.
  • Our EPA-EXA replacement coils carry a five year replacement warranty for added end user peace of mind.
  • EPA-EXA coils can also be used in certain ICP air handlers such as the FCP or FCX models. Please refer to our EPA-EXA cross reference list for model matches.

Some EPA-EXA replacement coils are a non-stock item and may require addition time to manufacture. Please contact the factory for current lead time.

Model # RC-EPA36B15

Model # RC3BA-36U-A, #RC3BA-24U-A (Side View)

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EPA-EXA Replacement Coil