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Sustainable Coils Air Conditioning Coils

The Cased A-Coils Replacement is used for HVAC systems that need both the coil and cabinet replaced.

  • Sustainable Coils’ Cased A-Coils is our replacement Uncased A-Coils in a 22-gauge G-90 galvanized enclosure with premium foil-backed insulation.
  • The cabinets are sized to fit standard furnace widths.
  • The one-piece access panel is heal-punched for easy removal to eliminate the disconnecting of line sets or drain connections during future cleaning or maintenance requirements.

Sustainable Coils’ Mobile Home A-Coil Replacements are coils explicitly designed to fit Mobile Home HVAC systems. 

  • The drain pans are 18” wide and 19 1/2" deep.
  • The maximum height of our Mobile Home A-coil replacements is 18 1/2" tall to fit older furnace applications.

Note: Model #1064A-MH replacement A-Coil is a 4-row coil, piston metered for 5-Ton R-410A applications. Learn more about our Mobile Home A-Coils specifications in the Sustainable Coils Product Catalog for further details.

A-Coil                                             Replacement Models

Sustainable Coils cross-reference model numbers for Cased, Uncased, and Mobile Home A-Coils Replacement Coils are listed here.

More information can be found in Sustainable Coil’s Product Catalog.

Sustainable Coils Mobile Home A-Coils Diagram

Mobile Home A-Coils Replacements

Sustainable Coils A-Coil Model #1026A16-C

​​​Uncased and Cased        Replacement A-Coils

  • Uncased and Cased A-Coil replacement coils utilize 3/8 OD Copper Tube, CU-122, 60 Fin Helical Tube, .016 Back Wall with 2,500 PSI Burst Pressure Minimum.
  • Sustainable Coils uses aluminum end plates to reduce rust corrosion.
  • Plastic drain pans in standard widths, sturdy nylon resin is UL 94, 5VFR rated, and U.V. safe.
  • Piston metered for R-410A refrigerant
    • R-22 pistons are available upon request
  • Pre-swaged line connection, shipped with a dry nitrogen holding charge
  • Each HVAC replacement coil model has listed specifications showing the internal refrigerant volumes (IRV) to ensure compatibility with heat pump applications.
  • All Sustainable Coils Replacement Coils have a 5-year replacement warranty
    • Comparatively, the OEM coil in a replacement application offers only a 1-year replacement warranty.

Sustainable Coils Cased A-Coil Diagram
Sustainable Coils Uncased A-Coil Model #1036A16 and Cased A-Coil Model #1036A16-C
Sustainable Coils Uncased A-Coil Diagram
Sustainable Coils Mobile Home A-Coil Models #1048A-MH & #1024A-MH

Stock Cased A-Coils Replacements

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