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Sustainable Coil's Cased Horizontal Slab (HS) Coil

Product Specification

3/8 OD Copper Tube, CU-122, 60 Fin Helical Tube,

.016 Back Wall

The 3/8 OD Copper Tube, CU-122, 60 Fin Helical Tube, and .016 Back Wall thickness helps enhance the life and performance of our HVAC replacement coils. This gives Sustainable Coils products a 2500 PSI Burst Pressure minimum, far exceeding industry standards.

As a reference point, standard .375 copper CU-122, rifled tubing used by most OEMs and independent coil companies, has a .0118 back wall thickness with a 1,780 PSI burst pressure minimum. The same applies to OEMs and independent coil companies utilizing .375 aluminum tubing. The industry standard for this tubing is .029 back wall thickness, with a minimum of 1,780 PSI burst pressure.

​Aluminum End Plates

Sustainable Coils uses aluminum end plates to reduce rust and corrosion. This makes our replacement coils more sustainable and more cost-effective for homeowners. Comparatively, most OEMs and independent coil companies use galvanized sheet metal end plates, which can rust within months of operation.

5-Year Limited Replacement Warranty

We offer an industry-standard 5-year replacement warranty on all our coil assemblies from the installation date. Our 5-year replacement warranty is contingent upon the installation being completed by a licensed contractor or a qualified technician working under the direction of a licensed contractor. Read Sustainable Coils' warranty for replacement coils for more information.

Sustainable Coils’ Replacement Expansion Valves (TXV's) are under warranty for 1 year from installation. PDF version of our Limited Warranty is available upon request.

Sustainable Coils Carrier 318A4248 Model

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Wholesale Distribution

Replacement HVAC Coils​

Sustainable Coils Replacement Coils are available via Wholesale Distribution throughout the United States.

New HVAC systems should be sold as a complete certified OEM package, including the OEM indoor coil designed for each system application. Sustainable Coils manufactures HVAC evaporator coils for existing HVAC systems that need a new evaporator coil and are no longer under the original warranty.

Though we do not sell our aftermarket HVAC coils directly to homeowners or licensed contractors, we will work with individuals researching their HVAC replacement options to determine the proper coil replacement for their HVAC system.

Contact us for a Wholesale Distributor near you:

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