Sustainable Coils Carrier – Bryant – Payne F-Series Air Handlers

F-Series Replacement Coils:

Slope and A-Coil Models

F-Series Air Handler Replacements For ​​Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, and ICP Private Brands

Air Handlers Replacement Coils

Sustainable Coils F-Series Air Handler Replacements are the perfect aftermarket HVAC replacement coils for Carrier, Bryant, and other ICP Brands that are no longer under factory warranty.

  • The F-Series Slope Coils line set connections are positioned to match the existing air handler cover plate. 
    • The end brackets are slotted to accept the coil support brackets from the old unit. They also have pilot holes for attachment to the existing drain pan
    • Factory-installed top attachment baffle for easy installation.
    • The existing drain pan and leg supports must be reused.
  • The F-Series A-Coil Replacement Coils have a G-90 22 gauge paint grip metal drain pan coated for rust protection designed to fit models.
    • The drain connections are positioned to fit the access panel and the pan is equipped with drain pan brackets already attached to the bottom of the pan.
    • The A-Coil line sets are positioned to match the existing access panel. 
    • The 424A60+TXV has been re-engineered from a 3-row coil to a 4-row coil to eliminate skid-only shipping issues. The coil is 6” shorter and does not need the Air Seal Assembly from the old coil in horizontal applications.
      • The new 4-row coil maintains the correct internal refrigerant volume, drain pan, and line set connection locations.
    • The 314A2430, 318A4248, and 324A4860 top baffle is sized to accept the Air Seal Assembly from the existing coil if the coil is used in a horizontal application. 
  • ​We have maintained each model's proper internal refrigerant volumes (IRV) to ensure compatibility with heat pump applications.
  • All F-Series replacement coils utilize 3/8 OD Copper Tube, CU-122, 60 Fin Helical Tube, .016 Back Wall with a 2,500 PSI Burst Pressure Minimum. 
    • Sustainable Coils also use aluminum end plates to reduce rust corrosion.
  • All Sustainable Coils F-Series replacement coils have a 5-year replacement warranty. 
    • Comparatively, the OEM coil in a replacement application offers only a 1-year replacement warranty.

It may be necessary to change out the metering device depending on your refrigerant and replacement model application. Contact Sustainable Coils for more information.

Sustainable Coils ICP F-Series Models

F-Series Standard                                        Replacement Coil Models

Sustainable Coils cross-reference model numbers for Carrier, Bryant, and Payne F-Series Air Handlers Replacement Coils are listed here.

Sustainable Coils cross-reference model numbers for ICP and ICP Private Brands Air Handlers Replacement Coils are listed here.

More information can be found in Sustainable Coil’s Product Catalog.

Sustainable Coils F-Series A-Coils Model #318A4248
Sustainable Coils F-Series A-Coil Model #324A4860
Sustainable Coils F-Series Replacement Coils: Slope and A-Coil
Sustainable Coils F-Series Slope Coil Model #324S3036

F-Series A-Coil Replacements

Sustainable Coils F-Series A-Coil Diagram
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