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Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Model #RC-EPA36F19
Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Models #RC-EPA36B15 & #RC-EXA24B15

EPA-EXA                              Replacement Coils

Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Coils for Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, and International Comfort Products (ICP) Brands are the perfect aftermarket HVAC coils for past EPA-EXA systems.

  • Sustainable Coils redesigned some EPA-EXA models from 2-row to 3-row and 3-row to 4-row coils. 
  • Original EPA-24, EPA-30, and EPA-36 were 2-row coils with limited internal refrigerant volumes. We no longer manufacture these EPA coils with the limited 2-row refrigerant volume. We offer a 3-row, piston-metered version that has the same dimensions. 
    • If the outdoor unit has been replaced due to a past failure, we strongly suggest utilizing our EXA versions for outdoor unit compatibility. 
  • The line set connections for our EPA-EXA replacement coils are properly positioned to match published specifications.
    • The drain pan is properly sized for each application, and the drain connections are positioned to fit the access panel.
  • All EPA-EXA replacement coils utilize 3/8 OD Copper Tube, CU-122, 60 Fin Helical Tube, .016 Back Wall with a 2,500 PSI Burst Pressure minimum.
  • Sustainable Coils uses aluminum end plates to reduce rust corrosion
  • Proper internal refrigerant volumes (IRV) for each model to ensure compatibility with heat pump applications.
  • All Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Replacement Coils have a 5-year replacement warranty.
    • The EPA-EXA Models have been discontinued and are no longer available from the OEM. 
  • Some ICP Air Handlers match Sustainable Coils EPA - EXA Replacement Coils. 

EPA-EXA                                            Replacement Coils Models

Sustainable Coils cross-reference model numbers for EPA-EXA Replacement Coils for Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar & ICP brands are listed here.

More information can be found in Sustainable Coil’s Product Catalog.

Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Model #RC-EPA48J22
Sustainable Coils EPA-EXA Replacement Coils
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