Replacement coils for Carrier, Bryant, Payne,

Day & Night, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil and Tempstar, ICP private brands F-series Air Handlers

Sustainable Coils is proud to offer an affordable solution for F-Series Air Handler coils that have failed and are no longer in warranty.

  • Our slope coil line set connections are properly positioned to match the existing air handler cover plate. The end brackets are slotted to accept the coil support brackets from the old unit. The end brackets of the slope coil have pilot holes for attachment of the existing drain pan. Plus, we furnish a factory installed top attachment baffle for ease of installation. The existing drain pan and leg supports must be reused.
  • The A-coil replacements have a properly sized G-90 22 gauge paint grip metal drain pan that is coated for rust protection. The drain connections are positioned to fit the access panel and the pan is equipped with drain pan brackets already attached to the bottom of the pan. The A-coil line sets are positioned to match the existing access panel. The 314A2430, 318A4248 and 324A4860 top baffle is sized to accept the Air Seal Assembly from the existing coil if the coil is used in a horizontal application. The 424A60+TXV has been re-engineered from a 3 row coil to a 4 row coil to eliminate skid only shipping issues. The new 4 row coil maintains the correct internal refrigerant volume, drain pan and line set connection locations. The coil is 6” shorter and does not need the Air seal assembly from the old coil in horizontal applications.
  • We have maintained the proper internal refrigerant volumes for each model to insure compatibility for heat pump applications.
  • All F-Series replacement coils utilize UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube,        CU-422 copper alloy tubing with 2,490 PSI burst pressure minimum for proven protection against formicary corrosion, the leading cause of coil leaks in copper tube applications. As an added feature, we also utilize aluminum end brackets for rust reduction.
  • Our F-Series replacement coils carry a five year replacement warranty for added end user peace of mind, instead of the one year replacement warranty currently available when using the OEM coil in a replacement application.

It may be necessary to change out the metering device depending upon your refrigerant and replacement model application.

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