Uncased Stock Replacement

We offer a cased version of our replacement A-coils for those applications that require the replacement of the coil and cabinet. We wrap our quality replacement A-coils in a 22 guage G-90 galvanized enclosure that is insulated with premium foil backed insulation. The cabinets are sized to fit standard furnace widths, and the one piece access panel is heal-punched for easy removal to eliminate the disconnecting of line sets or drain connections during cleaning or maintenance requirements.

​​​Uncased and Cased Stock Replacement A-coils

Our stock replacement A-coils offer the following features:​

  • ​3/8 O.D. UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, 422 copper alloy tubing to protect against formicary corrosion. 
  • Aluminum end plates for rust reduction 
  • Plastic drain pans in popular widths, sturdy nylon resin is UL 94, 5VFR rated and U.V. safe.
  • Piston metered for R-22 refrigerant, R-410A pistons available upon request 
  • Pre-swaged line connection, shipped with a dry nitrogen holding charge 
  • Published Internal Refrigerant Volumes (IRV) 
  • Five (5) year replacement warranty

Mobile Home Replacement 

Cased Replacement A-coils

Mobile Home Replacement A-coils

Cased Stock Replacement

Our Mobile Home replacement A-coils offer the same features as our stock A-coils, but are manufactured to fit mobile home applications. The drain pans are 18” wide and 19 1/2" deep. The maximum height of our Mobile Home coils is 18 1/2" tall to fit older furnace applications.

One notable exception is our 5 ton 1064A-MH. The 1064A-MH is a 4 row coil. Please refer to our mobile home specifications for further details.

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