Replacement coils for Trane/American Standard TWE, 2/4TEC, 2/4TEE, 2/4TEH Air Handlers

Sustainable Coils is proud to offer an affordable solution for TWE, 2/4TEC, 2/4TEE and 2/4TEH Air Handler coils that have failed and are no longer in warranty.

  • Our RCTWE replacement coils are a true drop-in replacement. The drain and line set connections are properly positioned to match the published dimensions of TWE air handler cover plates. Please refer to our notes section of the cross reference for models that require field modification of the header. Every coil comes with a factory installed vertical and horizontal drain pan.
  • We have maintained the proper internal refrigerant volumes for each model to insure compatibility for heat pump applications. The replacement option from the OEM utilizes aluminum tubing, which has 18% less internal refrigerant volume due to the wall thickness of the aluminum tubing. This could create charging issues when the outdoor heat pump reverses into the heating cycle.
  • Each replacement coil model utilizes the proper metering device specified for the past application. The OEM replacement is supplied without a metering device, and must be applied by the service contractor upon installation. The C14 models are equipped with piston metering for R-22 refrigerant. The C/D15, E13 and P13 models utilize R-22 adjustable expansion valves for heat pump or cooling only applications. Models with +4X at the end of the model number designate factory installed R410A expansion valves.
  • All RCTWE replacement coils utilize UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, CU-422 copper alloy tubing with 2,490 PSI burst pressure minimum for proven protection against formicary corrosion, the leading cause of coil leaks in copper tube applications. As an added feature, we also utilize aluminum end plates to further reduce rust corrosion.
  • Our RCTWE replacement coils carry a five year replacement warranty for added end user peace of mind, instead of the one year replacement warranty currently available when using the OEM coil in a replacement application.

We have a complete cross reference list detailing the coil matches for TWE, TEE, TEC and TEH air handlers. Please refer to the notes section for information regarding field header modifications that is required on some models that deviate from published dimensions.

TWE Air Handler Replacement Coils

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