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Model #RC-AWUF1824

UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, CU-422 copper alloy tube

To further enhance the life and performance of our coils, we utilize UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, CU-422 copper alloy, rifled refrigeration tube.  The Virtus Precision Tube CU-422 copper alloy was developed for enhanced protection against Formary Corrosion.

As an added feature, we special order the tubing with a backwall thickness of .013, giving our coils a 2,490 PSI burst pressure minimum which far exceeds industry standards.

As a point of reference, standard .375 copper CU-122, rifled tubing used by most OEMs and independent coil companies has a .0118 backwall thickness with a 1,780 PSI burst pressure minimum. The same holds true for OEMs and independent coil companies that utilize .375 aluminum tubing. The indusrty standard for this tubing is .029 backwall thickness, which would also have a 1,780 PSI burst pressure minimum.

To view a printable specification PDF of UNIGUARD® by Virtus Precision Tube, please click on the link below: UNIGUARD Datasheet.pdf

Aluminum End Plates

Another unique feature we offer is our use of Aluminum end plates to eliminate rust where the tubes are expanded into the end plates. Most OEMs and independent coil companies use galvanized sheet metal end plates, which can start to rust within months of operation.

Five (5) Year Limited Replacement Warranty

We offer an industry standard five (5) year replacement warranty from the date of installation on all of our coil assemblies. Our five (5) year replacement warranty is contingent upon the installation being completed by a licensed contractor or a qualified technician working under the direction of a licensed contractor. Please read the “Conditions:” section of the warranty to determine Sustainable Coils warranty obligations and exclusions.

Our replacement expansion valves are warranted for one (1) year from date of shipment. Printable PDF of our Limited Warranty available upon request.

Model #F-series Air Handlers

Wholesale Distribution

We market and sell our coils throughout the United States via Wholesale Distribution. Sustainable Coils recognizes the important relationship between the Wholesale Distributor and the OEM Brands they sell. We firmly believe that new HVAC systems should be sold as a complete certified OEM package, which includes the OEM indoor coil that was designed for each individual system application. Our quality replacement coils are designed for the repair of existing HVAC systems that only need a new indoor coil when the original coil has failed and is no longer in warranty.

Since we sell our products through Wholesale Distribution, we do not sell our replacement coils direct to individual homeowners or contractors. We will gladly work with prospective customers or individuals researching their HVAC replacement options to determine the proper coil replacement for their HVAC system.

Please contact us for the nearest Wholesale Distributor in your area!